Betting tips

Betting tips to become a successful bettor

How do you become a successful bettor and increase on your bankroll? What do you need to keep track of and are there any given rules to stick to? We give you important tips and advice on how to get better at odds games and what to think about. Betting is fun and can also be a really good side income, but it is important to do the right thing and stick to some of the golden rules. Check out our tips below and put them in the works so you are also on your way to making the betting really profitable.

Learn all about betting

Before you can bet for real and risk your hard earned money, you need to learn which different terms exist within sports betting. It can be about over / under, handicaps and what different odds are on the market. This part includes looking around at available bookmakers and creating an account with some. When you do so, you can usually also choose to receive a welcome bonus and here you also need to read through the bonus terms. We have many guides that explain most things about bonuses and wager requirements, so please look through them. Important here is that the welcome bonus often limits the bet and can also set a limit for which minimum odds you have to bet. You can find all this in the terms of the bookmaker.

Read up on and do background work

In betting, it is important to do a good background job to simply build strength for the bet you intend to add. Of course, some matches can look completely safe if the home team has the odds of 1.1 and the away team 40.0 but it is perhaps not the ones you want to play either with such bad odds. When you bet you want a good odds and a good opportunities and this is where the background work comes in. Read about what the experts say about the match and if they come with any betting tips. Look for statistics on betting sites and find out everything you can about the teams and their status. You can find lots of information about players, injuries and relocations in the squad. Weigh everything together and think about whether the odds that the bookmaker has are realistic or not. Maybe you’ve found something could change the match picture?
Expect that it takes some time but see this as an interest. You can’t do a sloppy job with the research and just hope for good luck. The more you know the better and safer your bet will be.

Keep track of your previous bets

A really good tip is to keep track of which bets you make. It is enough with a simple spreadsheet where you enter where you placed the bet, type of bet, odds and then whether it was profit or loss. Also leave notes of how you thought when you placed the bet and comments of the outcome.

After a while you have a good trend with hopefully many profits. You can not ignore tour losses. All fail and that is how you learn. You should draw conclusions from the bets that did not go well and make sure you don’t repeat it. Use your losses as a textbook and become a mor confident bettor. Failure is the way to success so expect to have some losses. In your spreadsheet you will see how your winnings increase if you follow our advice and do what it takes. Then it will be fun reading in the future.

Create a betting budget

Think about how much you want to invest in betting per week or per month and stick to that amount. Make a strategy for how to use the money. For example, if you start with $50 per week, you spend a certain percentage of your profits all the time and never risk these. Then there is always a capital growing alongside. Aim to never play for more than a certain percentage of your total capital. There are many different concepts on the internet with strategies for these. Find out which one suits you best and your way of playing.

Don’t fall in love with a team

Keep in mind that you are not a supporter when you bet. Whether you like the team or not, you are looking to make money. If it is your favorite team playing, they may lose. Bet smart and use your background analyzes to make the right choices. Let the facts decide and do not fall in love with the team.

Do NOT try to recover the losses

You will get losses, be sure of it. It is quite natural. Perhaps you will be a really good bettor who avoids many losses but betting requires patience and a focus. Losses come because matches do not always go as you have imagined. Important here is not trying to make quick bets to try to cover up the loss. Instead, think that it is something that you want to avoid and the best way is to start looking for another interesting match that you can do background work on. If you do it right, you have covered up the loss faster than you think.

Examine the odds of different betting sites

Today there are many bookmakers in the market that offer sports betting. Make sure to use them and see who offers the best odds for you. You can have many accounts with different operators and then you pick the one that has the best offer. That way you will flexible and can utilize your bet in the best way.
You also need to compare the margins of the bookmakers, that is how much they take between to add your bet and these margins vary. We have a guide called “Bookmaker margins calculator“. Please look through it so you can compare and make the right decisions.

Good luck with your betting development. We hope that you have enjoyed our betting tips and that they will help you succeed with your betting.