SCHEDULE: 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship

SCHEDULE: 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship

The 2021 World Men’s Handball Championship is played in Egypt. This is the second time Egypt is hosting the tournament and the fifth time a country outside Europe is hosting. Due to the Corona pandemic, it has long been unclear whether the tournament will be played at all but the IHF (International Handball Federation) believes it will be possible to conduct Handball -World 2021 in a safe way.

News in the World Men’s Handball Championship

New for this year is that the tournament for the first time has 32 participating countries. Previously, the tournament had 24 teams. More countries from Africa and Asia are now joining.


The tournament is divided into eight groups as follows:

Group A Cape Verde, Germany, Hungary, Uruguay
Group B Spain, Tunisia, Brazil, Poland
Group C Croatia, Qatar, Japan, Angola
Group D Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain, DR Congo
Group E Austria, France, Norway, USA
Group F Portugal, Algeria, Iceland, Morocco
Group G Czech Republic, Egypt, Sweden, Chile
Group H Slovenia, Belarus, Korea, Russia

Preliminary Round fixtures

January 13
17.00 (GMT) Egypt Chile
January 14
14.30 (GMT) Belarus Russia
17.00 (GMT) Algeria Morocco
17.00 (GMT) Austria USA
17.00 (GMT) Slovenia Korea
19.30 (GMT) Sweden Czech Republic
19.30 (GMT) Portugal Iceland
19.30 (GMT) Norway France
January 15
14.30 (GMT) Qatar Angola
17.00 (GMT) Croatia Japan
17.00 (GMT) Argentina DR Congo
17.00 (GMT) Spain Brazil
17.00 (GMT) Germany Uruguay
19.30 (GMT) Tunisia Poland
19.30 (GMT) Hungary Cape Verde
19.30 (GMT) Denmark Bahrain
January 16
14.30 (GMT) Belarus Korea
17.00 (GMT) Morocco Portugal
17.00 (GMT) Austria France
17.00 (GMT) Russia Slovenia
17.00 (GMT) Egypt Czech Republic
19.30 (GMT) Chile Sweden
19.30 (GMT) Algeria Iceland
19.30 (GMT) USA Norway
January 17
14.30 (GMT) Qatar Japan
17.00 (GMT) Cape Verde Germany
17.00 (GMT) Angola Croatia
17.00 (GMT) Argentina Bahrain
17.00 (GMT) Tunisia Brazil
19.30 (GMT) DR Congo Denmark
19.30 (GMT) Poland Spain
19.30 (GMT) Hungary Uruguay
January 18
14.30 (GMT) Korea Russia
14.30 (GMT) Czech Republic Chile
17.00 (GMT) France USA
17.00 (GMT) Sweden Egypt
17.00 (GMT) Slovenia Belarus
17.00 (GMT) Portugal Algeria
19.30 (GMT) Iceland Morocco
19.30 (GMT) Norway Austria
January 19
14.30 (GMT) Japan Angola
17.00 (GMT) Spain Tunisia
17.00 (GMT) Bahrain DR Congo
17.00 (GMT) Croatia Qatar
17.00 (GMT) Uruguay Cape Verde
19.30 (GMT) Germany Hungary
19.30 (GMT) Brazil Poland
19.30 (GMT) Denmark Argentina
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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is 2021 World Men's Handball Championship played?

The 2021 World Men's Handball Championship is played in Egypt between January 13 to January 31.