Khamzat Chimaev takes a superior victory

Khamzat Chimaev takes a superior victory at Fight Island

In his second appearance on Fight Island on July 25, Chimaev completely crushed his opponent McKee and the win was a fact in the first round after the time of 3:09.

Chimaev not only talks but he delivers and it does not end there. In the aftermath, it is clear that he thinks that the opponents are not enough enough. Now he is looking for better opponents in UFC and champion matches and he says he can arrange everything the same day if there are more who line up.

Chimaev shows incredibly good stats

If we look at the match in its entirety, it is figures that show elimination. During the three minutes of the match, Chimaev dealt 68 hits to McKee zero. The significant hits ended at 40 for Chimaev and McKee again zero. Even takedowns in three minutes ended one against zero for Chimaev.

Clearly, we see a fighter who has an incredible goal and his sights set on the big titles in MMA. Now with the change in weight classes for Chimaev, we immediately see that he is also just as dangerous and sharp in this class, ie the class where he should be.

We wonder if Chimaev is the next champion of the octagon. So far he is undefeated with 8-0. The question is already being asked whether he can take the throne with a spotless series, that is, without losses.

No matter what, it will be incredibly exciting to follow this journey, both for us and for Sweden.

Alexander Mauler Gustafsson defeated in the comeback

Things did not go so well for The Mauler in his comeback match on Fight Island. It can be said that Fabricio Werdum crushed the plans and The Maulers’ setup for the match. The Mauler had good shots and the statistics were 14-4 in Mauler’s favor. However, Werdum succeeded with a takedown which then made the loss definitive for The Mauler after 2:30 in the first round.

After the match, The Mauler was positive despite the loss and mentioned that he loves being back in the sport so we are sure we will see more of him in the octagon. Alexander Gustafsson now has 18-7 in his ranking statistics.

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