The corona virus affects the home advantage

Corona virus - the advantage of home game disappears

Corona virus – the advantage of home game disappears

There are few things that are NOT discussed in soccer, but one thing seems clear: it is always an advantage to play at home in front of your own fans. The famous player number 12, the fans. They are rooting for their team and many of them are underdogs who have the field as a huge advantage when they are on home ground. The famous phrase “Noventa minuti en el Bernabéu son molto longos”, which translate to: 90 minutes at Bernabéu are very long minutes. It aims to make the matches last forever for the rivals when the Santiago Bernabéu crowd cheers for their team Real Madrid. Now when we are in the middle of the corona virus crises, many of the big soccer teams have closed their doors and games will be played without crowds.

Because of this new situation, there are things that we have to take into account when we Sportsbet.

A soccer match without an audience – boring?!

A few days ago I saw Juventus against Inter on TV. The match was played in front of empty stands in Turin. Normally, Jueventus-Inter is a huge match where the emotions are raising but this time it was extremely quiet. You heard the screams of the coaches and the players. It was heard even as they shot the ball away.

As Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano said: “Have you ever walked into an empty stadium? Try and you’ll see. Stand in the middle of the pitch and listen. There is nothing more empty than an empty stadium. There is nothing as dumb as a stand without people ”. This South American writer said that there is an “almost romantic” relationship between soccer and its fans.

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Games without audience due to corona virus

The huge crisis with the corona virus, Covid-19, has of course also affected the sports world, including soccer. Or maybe we should say ESPECIALLY SOCCER.
Because in just a few days most of the major leagues in Europe have decided to close their stadium. In Italy, where the corona virus crisis began in Europe, several matches have been postponed.

Several matches have also been played with empty stands, such as the big game Juventus-Inter, which was a match where the Serie A season could almost be decided.
Now it is said from Italy that there may not be more matches in Serie A this season.

There may not be an Italian champion for the 2019/20 season. The option to play a type of play-off later is also considered.

First set match in English Premier League

Corona virus cases continue to increase across Europe, including the United Kingdom. The match between Manchester City and Arsenal to be played March 11, 2020 has been postponed and several Arsenal players have been quarantined.

The reason: Arsenal played against Olympiacos on February 27 at Emirates Stadium in the Europa League. And it turns out that now the owner of Olympiacos – Evangelos Marinakis – has tested positive for the corona virus. This man also owns the English team Nottingham Forest. And he was at City Ground Stadium last Friday when Nottingham Forest played against Millwall.

The virus Covid-19 spreads like wildfire.

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Soccer team performs best at home

We already know that some teams are almost unbeatable at home. For example, we talk about “hell” at the Turkish or Greek stadium when Fenerbache or Olympiacos play at home. Inferno. Or Liverpool fans singing the famous “You will never walk alone” at Anfield. Fur coat without a doubt.

It is difficult to point out why a team performs better in front of its audience. Some say it is a myth that cannot be proven. But we stick our chin out and say: That’s it!

When we look at the tables in the different soccer leagues we see that almost all teams have more wins at home than away. There is a reason.

Corona virus closes soccer stadium in Champions League, La Liga, Europa League

But because of the corona virus, this home advantage now disappears in many cases. This is because several matches will be played with empty stands, completely without crowds. And we’re talking about closed doors even in the Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Bundesliga – big leagues without a doubt, the biggest ones.

For example, PSG’s match against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League will be played without crowds at the Parc des Princes in Paris, since the French government has banned events involving more than 1,000 people – all over France – because of the corona virus.

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Games for empty stands – something to keep in mind when you pray

When we are going to play at odds, it is very important to keep this in mind. This is because the home team has no fans cheering on them. Many small teams playing at home will lose their favor against the favorites who come to visit. And PSG who hoped to turn a 1-2 down from the first match of the Champions League against Borrusia Dortmund (both goals by the unstoppable Erling Braut Håland) will get a lot tougher now as the stands gap empty.
We who are professional players know that we have to take this into account before we place our bets.

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