Online betting sites and odds

Odds and online betting might be the most popular type of game in the whole world. We guess you could knock on your neighbor’s door and ask about if they have ever placed an odds game and they will probably say that they have played an odds game at some point in their life. Some play more, and some play less.

What’s so fantastic with online betting sites compared to go down to the local bookie shop, is that you find more attractive odds online. The competition between vendors is much higher online, which also gives you better odds as a bettor.

All you need to know about odds and online betting sites

We are hardcore sportsbook bettors, and because of that we like to move between different online betting sites to always get the best odds. Finding great odds is what successful betting is all about. Since the start, we have tested many online betting sites and published reviews from our tests. The reviews can guide you through the different online bookies.

Sport bonuses at online betting sites

Online betting sites will often offer you a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. The welcome sport bonus at a betting site may double or even quadruple your money. Some sites also offer boosted odds, free bets or free games.

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Wager terms on sport bonuses

It is important when you accept a new sport bonus to check the wagering terms. The wagering can sometimes be less profitable for you as a player, and in some cases, it can be better to reject the bonus offer. Sometimes it is hard to understand the wagering and how it works.

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There are also some bonuses that are completely wager free.

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Online betting site

Free bets lets you bet for free at online betting sites

Free bets are always welcome since they are free. Who doesn’t want to have the possibility to win money for free without any risk? Most of the time, this offer is combined with a deposit to get the free bet, but sometimes they are just free.Regardless if you need to deposit or not they are great.

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What are boosted odds?

Boosted odds are something that bookmakers often use to draw players to their site. They are often offered at popular matches or events, such as the UEFA Champions League och FIFA World Cup

It may be that instead of a regular odds on Manchester United that is 2.5, the boosted odds are 8.5, which is very interesting. Boosted odds can give you more, but they also have conditions such as that you max may place a bet of €10. If the boosted odds fit your thoughts on how you intend to put your bet, then it is easy to register and use the boosted odds. Remember also to read the terms of the odds bonus you intend to use as it may have terms and conditions such as wagering requirements.

Can I play on European betting sites tax free?

If you choose an online betting site within your country or the European Union, you may not have to pay tax on your wins. When you start paying tax on your wins, it will mean that the profits will be smaller and it will be harder to be a successful bettor. We always recommend you to play on European based online betting sites or local sites depending on your country’s regulations. If you live within the European Union, check your country-specific rules on taxes for wins in the casino market.

We list all the betting sites with the best bonuses to make it easier for you to play on tax-free betting.

Live odds on your phone

Since the bookmakers went online, the odds formats have changed a lot. As a start, the available number of events has increased enormously, and today you can bet on almost anything from fifth division soccer in Uruguay to who will win the Eurovision song contest.

Still, the offer and range of bets are fantastic, and the coolest thing is to bet live. Live betting means you can place bets on games that are live and ongoing. You can bet on the next team that gets the next throw-in or corner or who does the next goal. Live betting creates a fantastic game experience, especially if you are in the arena or sitting in front of the TV and see your team pushing and goes for it to get the next goal.

Live betting is something that we can recommend for you that love a good odds bet. We list all the best live odds pages and their bonuses.

Finding new online bookmakers in 2020

New bookmakers are not only interesting in that aspect that you can try something new but also that you get new bonuses and in that way can increase your bankroll.

The sport betting companies have many variations of odds

Don’t stare yourself blind on 1, X, or 2. There is a lot more you can take advantage of if you have read about the teams that meet. For example, you can bet if you think the game will have a lot of goals made. You will know if you have done the background work. If the formation of the team is at the top a lot, then you know that the ball will also be in that area and it opens too many goals.

If you are pretty sure your team will win, you can also make combinations on the winnings. Don’t forget to look at these markets; they can give you a lot of extras. For example, you can bet that your team wins but that the opposing team also goals. Such a bet can provide a lot of better odds that are to your advantage.

Handicap odds (handicap) is also interesting if you are quite sure of the result and believe that the team will win quite comfortable over the opponent.

In short, this means that you give your team a disadvantage immediately when the game starts and because they are better you think that they will cope with this handicap. This odds can provide you a higher payout than putting a bet on your team as a winner. There are a handful different types of handicap bets, such as Asian Handicap for instance.

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