Betting sites and sport bonuses

Betting and odds might be the most popular type of game in the whole world. We guess you could knock on your neighbor’s door and ask about if they have ever placed an odds game and they will probably say that they have played an odds game some time in their life. Some play more, and some play less.

What’s so fantastic with playing odds online compared to go down to the local bookie shop in the corner is that you find more attractive odds online. The competition between vendors is much higher online, which means that the odds and betting companies must compete against each other, and then the odds get better for you.

Everything you need to know about all gaming companies and betting online

We are hardcore sportsbook players, and because of that we like to switch between several different betting sites to always get the best odds, it is what it is all about when you place bets. Since we started we have tested a lot of betting companies online and published reviews from our tests. The reviews can guide you through the different betting providers online.

How does odds bonuses work?

Gaming companies offer a lot of welcome bonuses when making your first deposit. The odds bonuses can vary a lot from double your money to five-time double your money. Some gaming companies also offer so-called boosted odds, and other betting sites offer free bets or free games.

Wager terms on odds bonuses

It is important when you accept a new odds bonus to check the wagering terms. The wagering can sometimes be less profitable for you as a player, and in some cases, it can be better to reject the bonus offer. Sometimes it is hard to understand the wagering and how it works. Because of that, we help you with it so it shall be crystal clear.

Free bets are for you that wants to bet on odds for free

Free bets are always nice to enjoy because it is free. Who does not want to have the possibility to win money for free without any risk? Most of the time, this offer is combined with a deposit to get the free bet, but it can also be without any deposit demands.

Regardless if you need to deposit or not it is fantastic. We list all gaming companies that give you free bets or free money!

What is boosted odds?

Boosted odds is something that bookmakers often use to draw players to their site. This is often offered at popular matches or events, such as Champions League och FIFA World Cup

You can find odds campaigns and boosted odds here.

Can I play on European betting sites tax free?

The betting sites have been extremely good on projecting odds and be smart here and choose a site that is within your country. When you start paying tax on your wins, it will mean that the profit gets reduced and it will be harder to be a winning player. We always recommend you to play on sites that has a license in the country and that are following the regulations. Check your country-specific rules on taxes for wins in the casino market.

We list all the betting sites with the best bonuses to make it easier for you.

Play live odds direct on your mobile

When bookmakers became available on the internet, also the odds formats have changed a lot. As a start, the available number of events has increased enormously, and today you can place a bet on almost anything from a game in a low division up to who will win the Eurovision song contest.

Still, the offer and range of bets are fantastic, and the coolest thing is to bet live. Live odds means you can place bets on games that are live and ongoing. You can bet on the next team that gets the next throw-in or corner or who does the next goal. Live betting creates a fantastic game experience, especially if you are in the arena or sitting in front of the TV and see your team pushing and goes for it to get the next goal.

Live odds is something that we can recommend for you that love a good odds bet. We list all the best live odds pages and their bonuses.

Finding new betting sites in 2019

New betting pages is not only interesting in that aspect that you can try something new but also that you get new bonuses and in that way can increase your bankroll.

We help you look for sports operators and keep you updated with the latest gaming company!