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Today there are a lot of game providers that produces casino games, not only for the online market but also for land based casinos. Some does both online and land based games. We are not only talking about slot machines but also table game like roulette and wheel of fortunes.

Gambling has been around for decades but not in the same advanced form and shape that we are used to today. It was in more simple forms like guessing games or rolling dice. As time went on these kinds of games evolved and people started coming up with card games like BlackJack, Roulette and thereafter mechanical slot machines. It wasn’t that long ago that we only had the mechanical slot machines and not the more modern ones called Video Slots that we are used to today. Before online casinos you had to drive to a physical place that had been granted a license to operate casino games like ferries that travel into international waters or land based casinos.

It all started with that the internet became vividly popular and started to spread across the globe and could connect to different services. The first online casinos launched around 94/95 and you had to download their software on your computer to access their games. The payments was slow and unsafe which led on the theory that casinos are unsafe and that they are run by mobs. However in later years there has been more and more serious operators opening up and the whole industry has become more legit. Everywhere there is competition you will also see a lot of progress in terms of sustainability and benefits for you as a user of the service.

Two game providers that was early to start making slot machines online was Microgaming and NetEnt, they released games in the early 90’s and really benefited to be such early adapters since both of the companies are massive today and generate a lot of revenue. More casinos opened up and the demand for more and new games became undeniable, it was a void that needed to fill so more companies started making slot machines.

Today there are more than 200 game providers that makes slot machines, the companies vary from small to large and some are publicly listed and some are private companies. With these many companies you can be sure to find a game that you will like, it will take you some time but it is out there somewhere.

There are many different slot types on the market with different themes. There are regular slots and slots with jackpot features, where you play to get the bonus game and then go all the way in there to bring home the big win. A popular jackpot game is Mega Moolah which we have reviewed here at Readybetwin. Several different functions have been launched lately that have made the games even more exciting and challenging, and that is what the game providers are competing for.

Ranking game providers can be done through looking at how many slot machines they have launched, how popular they are or how many different casinos that use them. We will look at some of these providers and tell them you more about them.

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