Odds and betting on esports

Esport conquers markets all the time, and becomes more and more popular but what is it really? Maybe you know the name and know that there is some game, or know a game you are competing with. No matter how much you know, we will sort it out in this short article while giving you some background. When you have finished reading, you will have a good grasp of esports both around the background, what different competition categories exist, how you can bet on esports and what we believe about the future of esports.

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What does esport mean?

The name is an abbreviation of electronic sports and you practice the sport on game consoles or a computer where you are connected to each other. It can be in a network or over the internet or game consoles connected to each other. Esport is in many countries a recognized sport.

When playing esports, the body is subjected to a lot of stresses such as high pulse for a long time. Research in this area has revealed that an esportsman has a pulse corresponding to a marathon runner and that it takes place over a long period. It is therefore stressful to play esports.

The history of esports?

Computer games have not been around for so long and not as they appear today. Previously, they were much simpler and they were played from CDs without connection. The technology has progressed to the present day as we are spoiled with being connected wherever we are.

The big esport development took place when some really good games were launched during the 90s. For example, it was the game Quake and Doom that is a so-called first person shooter games. We will go into the various categories of esports that further down. Already in 1990, the esports World Championships of Nintendo were organized and in 2001 Sweden won the data game world cup in the game Quake.

Sweden is one of the countries that had a good foundation for game development since the Swedish government decided in 2009 to expand the broadband across Sweden so that everyone would be connected. First the big cities got connected and then it was time to connect thew whole country. Until then, people met each other and played at LAN parties. It was simply a physical encounter with the players’ computers that were connected to a common network.

During this period, Dreamhack also became the world’s largest collection of gambling enthusiasts. Dreamhack has the world record for the largest number of computers connected in a network. Dreamhack today has a big place in the development and Dreamhack is continuously happening all over the world where even big competitions are being carried out.

Esports are played in several different categories

As a player you can choose to play in different categories of games. The division has been made to make it easier to compete against each other on equal terms in the same game. The categories are four main groups:

Real Time Strategy

This category means that the player builds up resources of various forms such as troops or machines and can with them knock out opponents. Some famous games are Starcraft and Dune 2 as well as Age of Empires

Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

A team game where you have to knock out the other opponent. Examples of games are Dota 2, League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

First person shooter (FPS)

The name says quite a lot and this is games where you often wear the person who shoots and sees everything from his perspective. Known games are Counter Strike, Halo, Quake and Half-life.

Sports and fighting

FIFA, Tekken 6 and several other variants are in this category.

Betting on esports

Esports have become big and the betting companies have many events on their betting sites. Here you can easily bet on exciting matches and it is very similar to regular sports matches. The only thing that distinguishes is certain events that are game-specific. Instead of goals or corners in a football match, it is kills or who won that round on that map. It is quick to learn how the game works and to find information about the rules is easy on the internet. You can also drill down on the betting companies statistics areas to find more data.

Some of the operators that are on the market are very focused on esports and have it as their primary focus area. You will meet esports directly on the front and their entire betting site is tailored exactly for this. At other betting companies, esport is a choice in the edge as any sport. You can find yourself a good supplier here on our site among the various welcome offers we have to offer.

Some games are really fun to bet on as they only last 5 minutes. Definitely much faster if you compare that with a football game. This part is also not as competitive, which means that there is an upside for good earnings.

The betting market is growing in e-sports

Today you can find e-sports at virtually any betting provider. From having been a bit of a sporty sport, it has now become established and one of the most interesting betting forms on the net. Today, there are betting companies that only focus on e-sports and have other sports as other choices. We also see that some operators have speed dials directly on the front of the e-sports department.

How to bet on e-sports?

As usual with betting, it is important to keep up with the market what happens. If you have e-sports as an interest, this is perfect because you can then keep track of teams.

First you need to find a good e-sports provider and you have many here on our site to choose from. These are established and good operators who have great welcome offers. You can easily register with different operators and take part of their offers. That way, you can also compare their odds and thus create a great deal of flexibility.

Find out which big events are happening during the year in e-sports. You can do this through internet websites that have complete calendars with all events for all different games. These big events that take place every year can be compared with football World Cup in “real” sport. Great opportunities for betting.


Choose a category or game in e-sports and get really good at that game and the teams playing. Focusing on one genre or game will make you more specialized in that particular game. This way you can more easily find out details about the teams and have a better understanding of what causes the outcome.

Watch livestreams

Watch the games with through livestreams. This gives you an overview of how the teams work, which strategies they have or what mistakes they usually make. When you get a little more experience, you can immediately set the team against each other and then also see if the bookmakers’ odds really match. This is where you get an advantage and can look through the odds and the game and use it to your advantage.

If you want to know more about how you can bet on e-sports and betting in general. You should read our guide with betting tips.

The future of esports

No one can imagine that this sport will decrease, rather increase. Every day, new practitioners and new viewers are added. In this sport, many people are simply looking at the matches because they are interested. With the big tournaments being carried out for the different games, the media are interested and are happy to broadcast the competition live. Here we talk about $ 25 million prize money to the winner of the Dota 2 final. The esports market will have a turnover of $ 1.5 billion by 2020 and more than $ 600 million persons will be active in esports.

The more new technology that comes, and the more attractive and exciting games, this market will only grow. We hope you want to join us.