Betting on UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is a recurring soccer tournament for soccer teams in Europe. Their format for the tournament is well established over the years and the Spanish teams have been the most successful. Real Madrid is the team with the most wins in the tournament history, they have collected 13 titles this far. UEFA Champions League was introduced in 1955 as the European Champion Clubs’ Cup, but it was known as the European Cup until 1992 when it was changed to UEFA Champions League.

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Structure of the tournament

Champions league is divided into a qualification round and a knock out tournament. Before the real tournament starts all the team will have to qualify to get a spot in the tournament. They will have to play a cup in four rounds and it is 32 participating teams. The teams will be divided in 8 groups with 4 teams in each group. All teams will play each other 2 times in the cup, one in home and one away.

The teams that finishes 1 and 2 in the group advances to the eighth-finals. The opponents are drawn from the remaining teams in the cup. This structure will continue up until the finals that the opponents of the teams will be drawn. The only time you can be certain about your opponent is when the semi-finals are over.

Clubs with most titles in UEFA Champions League

The most successful club in the UEFA Champions league is Real Madrid. They have won the trophy no less than 13 times. Runner up are AC Milan with a total of 7 wins. In 2007 AC Milan defeated Liverpool in the finals. Here are the top 5 all-time winners:

  1. Real Madrid (13)
  2. AC Milan (7)
  3. Liverpool FC (6)
  4. FC Bayern München (5)
  5. FC Barcelona (5)

Real Madrid’s CL dominance

Between 2013 and 2018 Real Madrid took home the trophy 4 out of 5 times. In 2015 they were run over by Juventus in the semi-finals and therefore didn’t make it to the finals. Even worse was that Barcelona won the league trophy that year. After winning the trophy in 2018 there were high hopes for the reigning champions in 2019. However, Real Madrid were knocked out by Ajax in the quarter finals, which was the worse performance in 9 yars.

Big money in UEFA Champions League

In the 2017/2018 season, UEFA Champions League´s revenue amounted to over €2.1 billion which was an increase of €1 billion from previous season. Being one of the most popular competiotions in the world, the broadcast rights are very expensive. Broadcasting rights alone generated €1.7 billion revenue and €390 millions in commercial rights.

Wider audiences

In the United States football (or soccer) have always had tough competition from american football and basketball. This is about to change, however. Almost 2 million US viewers watched the 2018 Champions League final. This was a 25% increase from 2016.

Champions League betting

If you are a soccer fan and like to bet then Champions League is a great event for you since it is one of the biggest events in the world when it comes to soccer. The biggest teams in the world compete against each other to become the Champion.

Most of the betting providers will offer the same odds for big events like this but if you do some research you could find a gem out there. Probably from a smaller bookie that want to grab some market shares from the bigger betting companies.

Boosted odds

There will also be lots of odds boosts on specific games and competitions related to this big soccer event. On this page we will list all the best odds so make sure that you check back to find what gives you the most bang for your buck. We will cover everything that is going on with Champions League and present all the best options for you.


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