Betting on La Liga

La Liga is a well-known name and you will certainly think right when you think of Spain as a country. This is the best league in the world. In fact, it consists of two divisions, and the one that one in popular terms just calls La Liga is the first division, or Primera División. We can only call it La Liga so you know what it’s all about. Many famous players are of course found in this league and football has always been very big in Spain. There is also the second division in this league and, depending on the placements in the table for the first division, the law is moved after the end of season games.

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History around La Liga

The idea of ​​creating a national league in Spain came from a football club named Arenas Club de Getxo and the idea was born in 1927. After two years of work the league came out in reality and played the first league game with 10 teams and Barcelona was the team that took it home first league victory.

Many famous players are in La Liga

This league is really magical players and these are prominent names in the big world scene. They have also performed lots of games and goals while playing in this league. Names like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and Raúl have made a significant amount of goals. Lionel Messi made his 400th goal in La Liga on January 13, 2019 for his team Barcelona when they met Eibar at home. Messi is the first player in La Liga to have achieved that record. If we look at the statistics at the same time, Ronaldo is not that much worse with his 311 goals, but he has a bit left to reach Messi.

Game layouts in La Liga

In La Liga in the first division there are 20 participating teams, you see which are the current teams here below. All of these play two matches against each other where a win gives 3 points and a draw result gives 1 point. When the team loses, no point is awarded. You meet each other once in their home arena and then a second time on the away plane. Once all matches have been played, you have a winner.
The three best teams in the table have directly qualified for games in the Champions League and the fourth team qualifies to get there. The three worst-placed teams are moved down to the second division. From the second division, every season three teams move up. it is the two best placed teams and another team that is the winner of the qualifying game between the teams in place 3-6.
Of course, playing in the highest division is extraordinarily good and rewarding and it is of course not one of the teams that wants to return to the second division again. Many have, however, done so, but there are some teams that have always played in the highest division. The teams that never moved down from the first division are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Participating teams in the La Liga season 2018/2019

  • Alavés
  • Athletic Bilbao
  • Atlético Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Celta Vigo
  • Eibar
  • Espanyol
  • Getafe
  • Girona
  • Huesca
  • Leganés
  • Levante
  • Rayo Vallecano
  • Real Betis
  • Real Madrid
  • Real Sociedad
  • Seville
  • Valencia
  • Valladolid
  • Villarreal

La Liga winners per season

Since the games started in La Liga which was already 1929, there have been many victories. If we count from the 2017/2018 season then the most successful team has been Real Madrid with over 33 league titles and second place Barcelona with 25.

  • 1929, FC Barcelona
  • 1929–30, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1930–31, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1931–32, Real Madrid
  • 1932–33, Real Madrid
  • 1933–34, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1934–35, Real Betis Balompié
  • 1935–36, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1937–39, Inbördeskrig
  • 1939–40, Atletico Aviacion
  • 1940–41, Atletico Aviacion
  • 1941–42, Valencia CF
  • 1942–43, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1943–44, Valencia CF
  • 1944–45, FC Barcelona
  • 1945–46, Sevilla FC
  • 1946–47, Valencia CF
  • 1947–48, FC Barcelona
  • 1948–49, FC Barcelona
  • 1949–50, Atlético Madrid
  • 1950–51, Atlético Madrid
  • 1951–52, FC Barcelona
  • 1952–53, FC Barcelona
  • 1953–54, Real Madrid
  • 1954–55, Real Madrid
  • 1955–56, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1956–57, Real Madrid
  • 1957–58, Real Madrid
  • 1958–59, FC Barcelona
  • 1959–60, FC Barcelona
  • 1960–61, Real Madrid
  • 1961–62, Real Madrid
  • 1962–63, Real Madrid
  • 1963–64, Real Madrid
  • 1964–65, Real Madrid
  • 1965–66, Atlético Madrid
  • 1966–67, Real Madrid
  • 1967–68, Real Madrid
  • 1968–69, Real Madrid
  • 1969–70, Atlético Madrid
  • 1970–71, Valencia CF
  • 1971–72, Real Madrid
  • 1972–73, Atlético Madrid
  • 1973–74, FC Barcelona
  • 1974–75, Real Madrid
  • 1975–76, Real Madrid
  • 1976–77, Atlético Madrid
  • 1977–78, Real Madrid
  • 1978–79, Real Madrid
  • 1979–80, Real Madrid
  • 1980–81, Real Sociedad
  • 1981–82, Real Sociedad
  • 1982–83, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1983–84, Athletic Bilbao
  • 1984–85, FC Barcelona
  • 1985–86, Real Madrid
  • 1986–87, Real Madrid
  • 1987–88, Real Madrid
  • 1988–89, Real Madrid
  • 1989–90, Real Madrid
  • 1990–91, FC Barcelona
  • 1991–92, FC Barcelona
  • 1992–93, FC Barcelona
  • 1993–94, FC Barcelona
  • 1994–95, Real Madrid
  • 1995–96, Atlético Madrid
  • 1996–97, Real Madrid
  • 1997–98, FC Barcelona
  • 1998–99, FC Barcelona
  • 1999–00, RC Deportivo la Coruña
  • 2000–01, Real Madrid
  • 2001–02, Valencia CF
  • 2002–03, Real Madrid
  • 2003–04, Valencia CF
  • 2004–05, FC Barcelona
  • 2005–06, FC Barcelona
  • 2006–07, Real Madrid
  • 2007–08, Real Madrid
  • 2008–09, FC Barcelona
  • 2009–10, FC Barcelona
  • 2010–11, FC Barcelona
  • 2011–12, Real Madrid
  • 2012–13, FC Barcelona
  • 2013–14, Atlético Madrid
  • 2014–15, FC Barcelona
  • 2015–16, FC Barcelona
  • 2016–17, Real Madrid
  • 2017–18, FC Barcelona

Betting on La Liga and attractive odds

La Liga is interesting in all aspects of the big betting companies and here you as a player can find odds, matches and schedule. When you bet on a popular one, there is a dream of news and information that you can take advantage of. Here there are shape defects, injuries and also a large amount of statistics on how the law has met each other previously and which matches they played last and that outcome. If you have bet on this type of match before then you may have made notes of how you thought at that time. When matches are extremely popular, you need to look for some more different odds. Here the choices with the number of goals over / under can be interesting if you think it will be a goal-oriented match or if it becomes a goal-oriented first period. Perhaps even the final result can have a good odds and that your team wins even if the opposing team makes goals. Go a little deeper into the odds. Look at the team lineup and one of the forwards can be expected to score goals instead of the big star. One such bet may be worth putting a little effort on if that particular player has kept himself in the past and demonstrated his will. On our site you can also find boosted odds for attractive matches and these can be worth using if they are in line with your thoughts. Look out for boosted odds and other changes that may happen before it is time for kick off.

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