Holmes and the stolen stones is a versatile slot with good chances to hit a jackpot

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    Hard facts

  • Slot type Progressiv Jackpot Video Slot
  • Type of reels Rullande hjul
  • Reels 5
  • Rolls 3
  • RTP 96.8%


  • Bonus Game
  • Progressive
  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Autoplay Option
  • Multiplier
  • Free Spins

Where can I play Holmes and the stolen stones?

Join Holmes and Watson in the search for the stolen crystals in this exciting slot from Yggdrasil. If you are a fan of different variations och good opportunities for jackpots this slot will be spot on for you.

In Holmes and the stolen stones you have chance on total five different jackpots

Enter this slot and you will find yourself in a detective theme where your mission is to look for the bonus symbols and the free spins symbols to get a high payout. As the game goes on you will also get missing crystals on the reels that will fill up the missing places for each reel. Come on and join this game in the search of the lost crystals.

Symbols in Holmes and the stolen stones

To get the most out of your gameplay it is good to know the symbols and their functions.

The free spins symbol

When you get the free spins symbol you will be rewarded with an activation of the free spins mode and also 10 free spins. If you get more than three free spins symbols on the reels you will still have 10 free spins but you will also get some additional coins as below.

To play in the free spins mode can be really rewarding and that is something you really want to achieve. You can enter the free spins mode two different ways, either by getting three free spins symbols on the reels in any position or to fill up the missing crystals on any reel. In both cases you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. However there is a difference because when you enter by filling up the crystals one crystal of that color will already be filled in the free spins mode. This is of course a little better when it is a mission in the free spins mode to collect all the crystals. Also worth mentioning is that in the free spins mode you will have a 3x multiplier on what you win.

The bonus symbol

The bonussymbol will take you to the bonus game which will take place in a waer house. If you get more symbols than three you will not have any more advantages but you get rewarded as below.

The bonus game is all about choosing the correct box. Here you can get coins, crystals or a bomb. If you get the bomb the bonus game will end. You just click on the boxes and get rewarded with what’s inside but a bomb will terminate the bonus game.

The jackpot in Holmes and the stolen stones

This slot machine consists of five different jackpots. To win the jackpot you first need to collect 5 crystals in one color to get one diamond to start your collection with. To win the jackpot you need to collect 5 diamonds in that color. Then you get the jackpot in that color. You also collect diamonds in the free spins mode.


(Hover/tap the symbols to view payouts)

High paying symbol


5 symbols - 4000 coins
4 symbols - 250 coins
3 symbols - 70 coins

High paying symbol


5 symbols - 2000 coins
4 symbols - 225 coins
3 symbols - 60 coins

Mid paying symbol


5 symbols - 1000 coins
4 symbols - 200 coins
3 symbols - 50 coins

Mid paying symbol


5 symbols - 750 coins
4 symbols - 175 coins
3 symbols - 40 coins

Low paying symbol

Ace of spades

5 symbols - 200 coins
4 symbols - 75 coins
3 symbols - 25 coins

Low paying symbol

Ace of hearts

5 symbols - 175 coins
4 symbols - 70 coins
3 symbols - 25 coins

Low paying symbol

Ace of dimonds

5 symbols - 150 coins
4 symbols - 60 coins
3 symbols - 20 coins

Low paying symbol

Ace of clubs

5 symbols - 125 coins
4 symbols - 50 coins
3 symbols - 20 coins

Free spin

5 symbols - 10 FS + 10 000 coins
4 symbols - 10 FS + 1 000 coins
3 symbols - Bonus game


5 symbols - Bonus game + 10 000 coins
4 symbols - Bonus game + 1 000 coins
3 symbols - Bonus game

How do you play Holmes and the stolen stones?

Holmes and the stolen stones is a slot where you continuously add value. The more you collect the higher is the chance to get the jackpot. Just remember is will be harder to stop playing the more closer to the goal you are. If you play on the same casino your diamonds will be saved until next time, so remember where you played last time. In the game just hope for bonus symbols or free spins symbols and of course a lot of diamonds on the reels.

What is the summary of Holmes and the stolen stones?

Yggdrasil has done a good job with this slot and it is exciting and has several different possibilities to get the jackpot that also stays to next round if you play on the same casino. The slot is nicely produced and the gameplay feels creative with several entertaining functions. Always play responsibly and always with money you can afford to loose. We wish you an exciting journey together with Holmes and Watson and their mysteries.

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