Get your money back with Acca Edge at Betfair

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18+ | Play responsibly | New customers only | T&C apply |

18+ | Play responsibly | New customers only | T&C apply |

Get your money back with Acca Edge at Betfair

If you are betting at Betfair you’ll have the option to activate Acca Edge when placing your bet. Acca Edge replaces former Acca Insurance. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Acca Edge and why you should use it.

You know the drill…
…you’ve locked down five-fold bet with a great odds. The first four matches goes your way and you are now sitting on needles on your couch, following the final match. The match have been suprisingly even but your team have finally started to put some pressure on the opponents in the end of the second half. Suddenly your team gets a red card after a situation (bad referee call, of course). Your team is caught off guard a bit and what couldn’t happen, just happened. The opponents scores on overtime and your perfect five-fold is shattered into a million pieces instantly. A tiny little event turned your bet completely upside-down.

Get your money back and start over

With Acca Edge active you’ll get a full cashback of your placed bet when one (1) match doesn’t end the way you hoped. Acca Edge don’t have any maximum bet limits and can be used on trebles and up. At other betting sites you would usually have to place at least a five-fold bet to use any insurance. You’ll be refunded in real money and not in tokens or free games that’s usually offered by other betting companies. The money is immidiately transferred back tou your Betfair account as soon as the last match has ended, and you can whitdraw or start using them instantly.

OK great, whats the catch?

There is not much of a catch to Acca Edge, which is why it is so good. Your total odds will be reduced a little bit. But on the other hand, it gives you the possibility to bet with higher odds and take more chances. The odds reduction is calculated on the probability of one of the selections not winning.

Acca Edge in action

During World Cup in Russia 2018, Acca Edge was frequently used by us here at ReadyBetWin, with great success. The group stage was really difficult to predict and that’s when AE comes in handy. Also for similar tournaments and Champions Leauge we really appreciate the features of Acca Edge.

So, if you want to bet a little “safer”, it’s time to sign up for an account at Betfair. And don’t forget to apply Acca Edge!

Safe betting!

18+ | Play responsibly | New customers only | T&C apply |

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