Allsvenskan predictions Djurgarden, Malmo, Hammarby

Allsvenskan predictions Djurgarden, Malmo, Hammarby

Allsvenskan final round 2019, it is time to let the last games decide who will be the winner. Everything can depend on the last match minute. Djurgarden has a perfect position with a three-point margin to Malmo and Hammarby. But it is important to have focus even in the last match. If you make mistakes, it will be either Malmo or Hammarby that will get the prestigious Lennart Johansson’s trophy. Read the background of Allsvenskan and odds on our complete page.

For Djurgarden, however, it is enough to win the season with only one point but so important.
So on Saturday, three exciting games kick-off, and everyone starts at 1 pm. How do you do when you want to see them all? Is it a sports bar with centrally located TV screens showing all the different matches?

Hammarby has a home game

Worth noting is that Hammarby is the team that has a home match in the final round on Saturday, the 2nd of November. The remaining teams will play away in Norrkoping and Orebro, respectively. It can be a factor to weigh in, to have massive support from their home supporters. All this is of no interest if Djurgarden scores one point.

Djurgarden has a strike position

With three points to their closest opponent, not much is needed to take home the gold. However, this little point is incredibly important for them to get. Otherwise, someone from Hammarby or Malmo will take everything. In 2017 Djurgarden was close, with a third-place, but last they won the gold was in 2005.

Predictions Norrkoping – Djurgarden

Betting companies are leaning to Djurgarden’s advantage in this match. Just between these teams, there have been many draw matches. Of a total of five games, four have been a draw. Of the last ten matches played, Djurgarden has won 2, Norrkoping has won two, and the rest have been a draw.

Norrkoping is strong, they have won six games last played. Djurgarden has won three games in a row on away matches, so their form is also high. Things that speak for Djurgarden are that they are in number one in the Allsvenskan table, Norrkoping is in fifth place.

Djurgarden will have to manage the stress and nervousness and are forced to deliver, Norrkoping can play relaxed.
The odds of a draw are attractive considering the situation. We find 3.40 at Unibet.

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Half-time/Full-time can be interesting in some situations. It depends on how this game is developing. One scenario that is not entirely impossible is that Norrkoping can go off the pitch in half with a leading goal and that Djurgarden scores and the match end in a draw. A smaller bet on that chance gives an odds of 15.25 at Bethard.

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Predictions and analysis Hammarby – Hacken

Hammarby has excellent flow on the last matches, and it strongly suggests that Hammarby will take this Allsvenskan game against Hacken. They haven’t lost at home in a whole 19 games, so why would they lose right now against Hacken? Well, Hammarby has had a little trouble with Hacken, and maybe it depends on their playing style. In the last meeting in July, Hacken won with 2-0. In the last five meetings, Hacken has won three matches, Hammarby one and the remaining one was a draw. Sure, Hammarby has the wind in the back and has a good position in the table, which indicates that you are extra strong, but it will be no walk in the park.

With the right focus, they will take this, and in the heat of the final battle, they probably have the resources to win. We think Hammarby takes this. Should they have a chance in the first place, it is a win that counts, and nothing else.

The oddsproviders believe in Hammarby

The betting operators also strongly believe in Hammarby, if we look around the market.
888sport gives the odds 1.48 on Hammarby as the winner

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We find a draw result at Betfair at the odds of 4.50. We don’t think that a draw is on Hammarby’s tactics map, but we still take it. Sometimes the team doesn’t go all the way so it can be attractive in a betting perspective, with a smaller sum.

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Predictions Orebro – Malmo FF

In place two, we find Malmo FF. With a better goal difference than Hammarby (+1). Everything is open, and as we said before, it largely depends on the outcome of Djurgarden’s match. Be sure the players on the grass will be checking the score in the match Norrkoping – Djurgarden. In this case, we do not think it matters that it is not a home game. Of the last five matches played, Malmo has home wins in four.

Orebro also has position nine in the score table, so there is a difference in the performance between the two. However, things can happen, and Orebro certainly wants to stop Malmo, so you have to watch out for goalie Jake Larsson and not let him near the goal in any way.
Unibet gives the odds 1.35 for Malmo as the winner.

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We also believe that Malmo will take this, but it can also end a draw. If you want to bet on it, Bethard gives an odds of 4.85, or a half-time/full-time bet on the X2 offers 3.65, even that at Bethard.

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Bet on who wins the Allsvenskan

Long-term bets are always interesting, but they are best when the season starts. This is when you can place them and get an interesting exchange. Of course, it is much more difficult to place your bet before round one, instead of before round 30. Long bets are a little extra fun as you have a bet that is throughout the season and that you can constantly follow.

Even if you have not placed anything now on the winner, Allsvenskan 2019, it is not too late. You can still bet and have a good chance of making money.
Unibet gives Djurgarden odds 1.20 – Malmo FF, 6.50, and Hammarby to odds 9.50.

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Best odds who will be the Allsvenskan scorer

There are three clear candidates for the Allsvenskan top scorer.
Tanković, Muamer – Hammarby
Mohammed Buya Turay – Djurgarden
Soder, Robin – Gothenburg
It is probably between the first two in this list when Tanković leads the statistics. The final round will determine what happens when these players each have exciting games to manage. Tankovic has more assists and fewer yellow cards than Buya Turay.

UEFA Champions league qualification awaits the Allsvenskan team

If you are in the final match, you will not go unlucky out of this incredibly exciting Allsvenskan. Teams in gold and silver positions also receive a ticket to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. This means great opportunities and also attractive revenue in the form of advertising and television revenue.
The bronze position also gets them a ticket to the qualifying game of the UEFA Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup), the second-highest football tournament in Europe.

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