Odds bonus

When it comes to an odds bonus, it requires full understanding of how it works and how it actually works. An odds bonus can be in different ways and have different requirements. What makes it even more messy is that betting sites have different names on their odds bonuses. You do not have to worry about this because we guide you through it and create the absolute best conditions for you when choosing your new odds bonus!

How does an odds bonus work?

An odds bonus may at first glance feel difficult as it has so much bonus requirements. However, this is nothing to be afraid of. We explain the basics how an odds bonus is set and how you use it in the best way..

Here are the most common forms of odds bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus (Percentage bonus)
  • Risk free games
  • Free games (Free bet)
  • Free games no deposit
  • Live betting bonus (Live odds bonus)
  • Mobile odds bonus
  • Deposit bonus

Deposit bonus is the most common form of odds bonus and it is the one you most often encounter in a welcome bonus. A deposit bonus is always a percentage bonus where the percentage may vary. It can be from 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% and up to 500%. Almost always, the bonus has requirements which means you have to play through the bonus a specific number of times.

Odds bonuses’ sales requirements are usually between 5 to 12 times the bonus amount. In addition, there is usually a minimum odds for the game to count against the turnover requirement. Standard minimum odds usually be 1.50 to 2.00.

Risk free games

A risk free game is a game that you put without taking any risk. Should you lose your placed bet,  the gaming company will compensate you. Usually, the requirement applies when you use a risk-free game and this means that you must use your own money to meet the sales requirement.

Free games

Free bet is a odds bonus where you are offered to get a certain amount to add a bet for after making a deposit. The sum varies between gaming companies. Most of the time, only the win is paid and not the deposit/bet. The winnings are not always paid out in cash, it can also be paid into new bonus money that has a wager claim on you.

Free games no deposit

This is undoubtedly the best odds bonus you can get from a sportsbook. Because you do not need to make a deposit to get a free bet. All you need to do is (usually) create a new account at the new betting site or take it from a campaign that the betting company offers.

Even though fixed free bet is something you get absolutely free, there are bonus conditions where you will wager your winnings in order to withdraw the money from your account.

Live betting bonus

Live betting is something that has become extremely popular in recent years. The reason that this type of game has increased is because you have so many more betting opportunities than before. Now you can play at who will get the next corner or next free kick. The odds pages appreciate that players choose to play live odds and therefore they offer extra bonuses on a regular basis. As always, you can find them here at our site

Mobile odds bonus

Today people are playing more in their mobile phones than they do on the computer. Not strange considering that we live in a society that is in constant motion. The gaming companies like tht you play directly over the phone because then you will be able to bet when you are watching your favorite team. Therefore, bonuses that you can only use on your mobile device are often offered.

How do I find the best odds bonuses?

We compare all odds bonuses online and list them to create the best opportunities for you. In addition, we negotiate exclusive odds bonuses for all of our readers so you can get even better conditions when you bet. By always checking our top list and reading our news, you don’t have to be a detective to find the latest and best odds bonus.

We list all bonuses and you will also be able to read about all requirements in our independent reviews.

What is a good odds bonus?

A good odds bonus is a bonus where the bonus terms are OK, which means that the minimum odds are not too high and you have a low wager requirement on your winnings. The best bonuses are of course those who have no turnover requirements at all. Unfortunately, these are barely available but the few times they appear you can be 100% sure that you will find the bonus here.

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