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Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap may be something you’ve heard of, tried or got recommended. Maybe you’ve never heard of it, but regardless, we’ll figure out what it’s all about and how it works.

Asian handicap gives you greater opportunity to get your bet back when you only place the bet on profit or loss

In traditional bet, we are used to basically lay bet on the win, draw or loss that is, the 1X2 variant. The possibility is thus 33% chance to win any of the variants.
In Asian handicap, you only place your bet on profit or loss and thus the percentage will be directly raised to 50% chance instead of 33%.
If the game is a draw, you’ll get your bet back.

The background of Asian Handicap

As the name suggests, the actual game design comes from Asia and was previously called the game form “Hang Chen betting” but the name then became Asian Handicap. The rules of this game form may vary a little between different providers so take the habit of reading on what applies where exactly you intend to play. The name also suggests that you can bet with handicap in different ways and in ways get closer to what you think the outcome of the match will be.

Why play Asian Handicap?

Simply, it increases your chances of getting a bet that results as your chances are 50% instead of 33% that we told you about earlier. If the match is tied, you will also get your bet back.
You also have a risk distribution on your bet as you may make an aggressive bet with Asian Handicap as if it goes in gives you well paid but if it does not go in you will instead get half the wagered amount back or even the whole, it depends a little on how you put your bet. Often there are also a little better odds on these particular bet and also on games that are big and popular and perhaps already in advance a little draw. So here it is interesting to check out what is offered.

How does Asian Handicap work?

There are several variants of Asian Handicap, or not really variants without different handicap you can give the match to tweak the odds to your advantage and get a bigger win and even an insurance with money back if it gets a draw.

If you have a match that is popular and that is quite even, it may pay off really well to put a regular Asian handicap 0-0 game. What it means is that you put a team as a winner and have 50% chance but if it gets a draw you will get the money back. Compare it to the traditional game where you also have to include a draw option. Feels a little more interesting now directly with Asian Handicap, right.

Another example may be a match where you have a very likely winner A and a fairly given loser B or a team that in any case can not perform so much on the pitch. If you look at the odds of the likely winner A, they will certainly be relatively bad and will not give much dividends but if you instead look at Asian Handicap and give the likely winner a handicap on say a goal i.e. an Asian Handicap on A -1.0, the odds change to your advantage. You will get profit if team A wins with 2 goals or more, get your money back if team A win by 1 goal and the rest is loss. Playing this way increases your chances of Better odds and greater opportunity to get your money back when the game does not go as you intended.

Asian Handicap numbers and what they mean

You can put your handicap in 0.25 increments and they mean different things for the outcome depending on what the result of the match will be. Here below we sort out the most common:

Asian Handicap 0.0

This is a completely clean game that is to say that if there is a draw, you will get your bet back. If your team wins, it means profit, if your team loses, it is loss and otherwise the money back in case of a draw.

Asian Handicap + 0.25

Here you play on the least likely winner, maybe you are looking for a sensation but if that team only manages to get a draw in the end, then you do not lose everything. If you put + 0.25 on the team that you believe in, they’ll start with a quarter Ball in favor. If they win, you also win. But if there is a draw, there will be a win on half the BET and the second half of the bet is paid back to you.

Asian Handicap -0.25

Now we start talking quarters of a ball and it can get a little harder but in plain language it means that you give the team a disadvantage of 0.25. If you put -0.25 on the team you believe in, then you give them minus a quarter ball when the match starts i.e. you give the weak team an advantage on a quarter ball.
In terms of results with -0.25, this means that if your team wins, it is profit. If your team loses, there is a loss, but if there is a tie, there will be a half loss, that is, you will get half the bet back.

Asian Handicap + 0.5

This is also called double chance and the team you play on starts with an advantage of half a ball. If you win your team, there will be a win. If there is a draw, there will also be a win, but if your team lose, there will be a loss.

Asian Handicap -0.5

This is a straight game without any oddities. The team you play on must score at least one goal more than the opponents. If your team wins there will be profit, other options are loss.

Asian Handicap + 0.75

Once again, you are looking for an upset and that the weak team will deliver and they will thus get a three-quarter ball in advantage when they start the match. Here you get half your bet back if your team would lose with a goal.
The team you bet on wins, which means profit
The team you bet on loses with 2 goals or more means loss
The team you bet on loses with a goal means half loss giving half the bet back
The team you bet on plays a draw means a win

Asian Handicap -0.75

Now you bet on the team to win with at least one goal. The team you bet on is thus strong and you give the other weaker team an advantage of three-quarter of a ball.
The team you bet on wins with two goals or more, which means profit
The team you bet on wins with a goal means that you get a win on half the BET and the second half of the bet back.
The team you bet on loses means loss
The team you bet on plays a draw means loss

Asian Handicap + 1.00

Here you believe that the weak team will deliver and they will start the match with a goal in favour, i.e. 1-0
The team you bet on wins means profit
The team you bet on loses with a goal means that you get your bet back
The team you bet on loses with at least two goals means you lose your bet
The team you bet on plays a draw means a win

Asian Handicap -1.00

Now you play on the strong team and they start the match with a goal in hand. This you should play if you think your team will win with more than one goal.
The team you bet on wins with two goals or more means profit
The team you bet on wins with a goal means that you get the bet back
The team you bet on loses means loss
The team you bet on plays a draw means loss

How many variants of Asian Handicap are there?

We will not list all variants of Asian Handicap here but more give you a basis for how to think when using this technique that is very well suited to football. It is more a habit to use this technique but quite profitable and smart when in many cases it is about maxing the odds and also not going empty-handed out of the slightly boring draw. If you like what you have read here, Asian Handicap can become one of your favorites so try the next time it’s time to place a bet. You can find all suppliers on our betting site where we also list current welcome offers.

Where can I find Asian Handicap at the sportsbetting provider?

You can look for Asian Handicap and the range varies a little depending on who you play with so get used to watching a little extra next time where you find these interesting games. In some cases, they can also be placed under separate divisions that may be slightly hidden and sometimes only one Asian Handicap odds are listed by default but there are usually more.

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