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Premier League has been around since 1992 and is the highest football division in England. The winner of Premier League becomes the English champion in football. Betting on Premier League is always interesting as it is top teams that are playing and much can happen. The league is played from fall to spring. This league is one of the most beloved leagues and many football enthusiasts really sit and wait for it to start. There is a lot at stake in the league and the four top teams will automatically qualify for the Uefa Champions League. The three lowest placed will be relegated to the first division. We give you the best betting tips on Premier League and odds from different operators.

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The story behind the Premier League

At the end of 1991, an agreement was signed between the main football clubs to establish a new league that was outside the English Football Association. The name became known as the FA Premier League. The reason for breaking out of the ordinary union was because they wanted to run the financial part themselves. Such as sponsorship agreements and television broadcasts and other sponsorships. Originally there were 22 clubs in this league. In 1995, the number of clubs in the league was 20 since FIFA thought that the number of matches should be decreased. Today 20 teams are playing and the league changed name 2007 to Premier League.

How is the Premier League played?

During the season, each club plays two matches against each other. It happens through one away game and one home game. A table keeps track of all the score, a win gives 3 points and a draw gives 1 point. Now you probably assume that a loss then means 0 points and that is correct. When the season ends, the team with the most points wins and can also call themselves English champions.

Good placement in the Premier League qualifies for the the Uefa Champions League

Teams that rank well in the Premier League are automatically placed in the Champions League. This applies to the teams that have seats 1-4 in the Premier League table and they are given a ticket to the attractive and exciting Champions League.

How do I find high odds on the Premier League?

This league is very supervised by many operators and there will be odds from basically everyone. However, it is always up to you to form an opinion yourself about which team you think will win and do your background work in a careful and correct manner. Then you can start comparing different odds from the places you usually play. If you find odds with another operator that has an offer, you can easily create an account and use that offer and the odds. We list attractive odds and suppliers here on our site.

Boosted odds

Some operators offer boosted odds on Premier League matches and this is because you should be able to benefit from slightly better odds and at the same time become a member at that casino. In many cases, these odds are restricted with a maximum bet. But if the boosted odds are in line with your predicted outcome it’s a no-brainer.

Betting campaigns and promotions

Online and here on our site you’ll find different campaigns just for the Premier League games. There may be different combinations of bets where you should place bets on several matches in the series. Other deals may be that you get back the bet if your bet does not go in, insurance of different kinds, boosted odds or that you are participating in prize draws when you bet on this type of league. Look out for attractive offers.


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