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The German Bundesliga is one of the world’s largest and most audacious leagues in the world. This league is Germany’s highest division in football for men. Here you will find teams like FC Bayern Munich, FC Shalke 04, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig, and of course many more. The league today consists of 18 teams.

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History around the Bundesliga

This league has a long and interesting history. Although the game form has changed a bit over the years. During the 1920s there were plans to start some kind of league for the German players but the time went by and nothing was done.

In connection with the bad result in the 1938 World Cup, the discussions came again on the table. However, it lasted until the season 1963/1964 before it was time to start.

The league would have 16 teams but a total of 46 teams applied. The selection criteria were clumsy and the samples were unfair but in the end, right or wrong, there was a new league.

In August 1963, the first match was played in the Bundesliga. Over the years, the league became more of a professional. When the 70’s stood before the door, many arenas in Germany were modernized. Big teams like Bayern Munich won victories in the European Cups.

During this period, a Bundesliga scandal also blew up. It was an extensive bribe scandal where teams paid money between each other to get away from relegation.

In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell and East German players were able to play for West German clubs in the 1990s, as well as integrating some East German teams into the Bundesliga. During this period, the league contained 20 participating teams.

The German national team was successful and in this way the interest in the Bundesliga was also lifted. Recently, the Bundesliga has increased in interest among those who like to bet on sports.

Game layout

The game format is that a winner gets 3 points with you and if you draw, the team is awarded 1 point. The winner is, of course, the team that places himself at the top of the table. The three best teams in place 1-3 qualify for the Uefa Champions League. The team in place 4 may participate in a qualification for the Uefa Champions League.

The last two teams are moved directly down to the lower division of the Bundesliga. The third worst placed team may qualify with the third best placed team in the lower division.

How to bet on the Bundesliga

If you keep up with and read about the Bundesliga continuously, you will have a good picture of what the law performs and how they will probably deliver on coming matches. There are many odds to choose from for these matches and the betting companies offer many variations so there will be no problems finding attractive odds.


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