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A multiplier is just as it sounds – something that is being multiplied and this function is very common in the most slots but it is not present in all of them.

Surely you have seen when you done a spin that you got a multiplier when you have a special combination that your winnings will be doubled or trippled.

Regarding the function it can be advanced and be activated in the freespins mode or bonusgame. Another type of feature can be that your multiplier increas with 1x all the time as long as the winnings keeps going. First 1x then on next winning spin 2x and next 3x and so on. Also combinations with special symbols can give you like 10x or even bigger like 100x.

It is always a good thing to read the instructions and information in the slot about how the multiplier is set up. You can’t affect the slot itself but it is much more motivating to understand what kind of combinations you are looking for.

Most common are multipliers during combinationgames where you shall have some special symbols to activate them during freespins or bonusgames.

Valley of the Gods from Yggdrasill has functionality where two gods is filled up on a bar with scarabs and when the bar is filled you will increase your multiplier. As long as you keep winning the bar is filled up. The other god on the other side fills up with “extra life”.

A common thing is that multipliers is present in freespins or bonusgame and here are several solutions with wild symbols acting like increasing multipliers or scatter symbol or that your multiplier increases as long as you keep winning.

Gonzos Quest from NetEnt is a slot where every winning combination gives you a higher multiplier. When you don´t get anyu win the slot returns to 1x multiplier.

In Reactoonz från Play’n Go is the setup a little different. You should create Gigatoonz patterns where each one gives you a multiplier on that win on the playing area. A number of multipliers activates different modes that creates even more possibilities and finally if you are lucky the Garagtoon gets activated and drop jokers that increases the multiplier.

The multiplier thus can be very different from slot to slot and the important thing is to read how it works in your slot. What we can summarize this with is that the multiplier is your friend and that it is a really good function that can give you more profitable winnings if you have the luck that the symbols falls in to the right place.

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